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Seamless computer to phone texting for Android devices
Texting should be simple. Why struggle to use a keyboard designed for mobile devices when you’re not on the move? Your full size keyboard loves you, love it back.
Bullet Easy as instant messaging from your computer
Bullet No more clumsy touch screen keyboards
Bullet No need to turn on or find your phone to check for messages
Full SMS inbox synchronization from phone to computer
With other texting solutions you will inevitably be switching back and forth from your computer to your phone, losing the context of your conversations. With CrossTxT all of your messages - whether they be sent from your computer, or from your phone - are instantly synchronized.
Bullet Many devices, one inbox. The way it should be.
Bullet Complete and realtime text message synchronization
Bullet Messages sent from your phone or computer are instantly synchronized.
Your messages will never be lost when they are backed up on the cloud!
Like all electronic devices, phones are not perfect and can die without warning. Using CrossTxT, your text messages will not be lost.
Bullet The control is in your hands: No, some, or full backup
Bullet Full Privacy: We will never share any of your data
Bullet Delete all of your data from CrossTxT, anytime you wish
We don't want our life public, security is key.
CrossTxT strives to keep all of your personal information safe and secure. All contacts and text messages are encrypted with AES-128 and can only be unlocked using your personal password. This means that nobody but you can read your messages!
Bullet Always secure SSL connection to server with CrossTxT Gold
Bullet All contacts and text messages encrypted with AES-128
Bullet Only your personal password can unlock your messages
Bullet We will never share your information to anyone
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